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VENFISK GmbH . Warnowpier 431 . 18069 Rostock

Eingang Venfisk
Our cold storages in the fishing harbour of Rostock are to be reached fast and easily by land and on the seaway.
VENDSYSSEL at the northern tip of Denmark is renown for its bonds to fishing and gave the local VENFISK AS its name. Together with Herman Cziwerny VENISK in 1991 founded the VENFISK GmbH in Rostock, which later became a subsidiary of the Danish seafood group Kangamiut. Hermann Cziwerny, the later exclusive owner of VENSFISK GmbH, was ever since connected to the sea as a fisherman, production and catch executive.

Today his daugther Katrin Cziwerny heads VENFISK GmbH in the same successful way. Our team consists of very competent employees fulfilling your specific desires as professional as responding to the coping with the constantly changing market requirements.

Our services are:
the supply of sea frozen fish to smokehouses
the preparation of pickled or spiced fish butterfly-cut, pickled fish fillets and salted seafood for industrial processing into tinned products
the supply to fish wholesalers and fish retailers with a variety on fish fillets, ready-to-cook seafood meals, fresh fish and other sea specialities from our product range
We receive our goods from fish importers and producers from all over the world. In particular we benefit from the co-operation with our Scandinavian partners. The distribution network of our products already exists all over Germany. A continually growing amount of export is realised in Austria and other East European countries.
Visit our retail-store! Choose among a large selection of refined fish delicacies in small and large units and enjoy the authentic ambience of our store.


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